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– using them for promo products is risky.

Companies like Amazon and Vistaprint have become successful at promoting services online. This once was the domain of customized, local providers.  With targeted marketing available through social media, these companies can selectively advertise services such as business card printing, custom-designed t-shirts and other promotional products.  It is almost uncanny how close this alignment is with the buyer’s interests.

 You’ve probably seen their ads.

 If you spend any time online, particularly on social media sites, then you may have been the recipient of a targeted advertisement for a t-shirt or similar promo product bearing a catchy phrase resonating with you personally.

For instance, let’s assume you love ketchup.

You recently extolled your love for ketchup online through tweets or Facebook postings.  Everyone who knows you well, knows that you LOVE ketchup. Days or weeks later, while perusing your Facebook page, you’re surprised to see a paid advertisement pop up enticing you to buy a t-shirt with the imprinted slogan “People-who-are-born-in-July-and-love-eating-ketchup, RULE!

You’re thinking…” WOW, that’s ME!  How did they know I like ketchup (and might want that t-shirt)?”

It’s computer-generated algorithms at work.

 Increasingly, computer-generated algorithms are being applied to your personal, online profile data to identify your likes (or dislikes). This enables companies to generate targeted advertisements promoting products such as t-shirts or mugs.

While the ad is eye-catching, its genesis was not the result of human action. Instead, it was generated by computer-based automated decoration software.

Algorithm-based ventures for promo products face quality-control issues.

 As the internet assumes an ever-growing share of commerce, companies using these automated algorithms to generate targeted, customized designs face real quality-control issues. Without the human connection on the creative end, the resulting design is a bunch of stock images and slogans scraped from data that can result in unprofessional or even obscene content.  These online companies don’t have real quality control, can’t match PMS colors and even sizing can be an issue as they show a photo with no size specifications.

Promotional products are best obtained from trusted vendors.

 Regarding Amazon and Vistaprint, it’s safe to say, promises of design and on-demand printing capabilities will never replace the personal touch afforded by more trusted vendors, like Worrell. These dedicated distributors take the time to learn about their customers in order to provide them with quality products customized to their market needs.

With our hands-on customer service and creative design expertise, Worrell is the single-source solution for all of your business printing and marketing needs. Our promotional product selection is extensive, and we customize to your specifications. With on-site warehousing for distribution and fulfillment needs, we’re well-positioned to be your trusted business partner.