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Marketing is one of the most important tactics to get brand recognition for your products and your company.

But marketing is not enough. More is needed to sway anyone into purchasing the product that you are offering. You should consider details like what makes the product visually appealing and stand out from your competitors.

One of the most important considerations is color and how you use it! Marketing and color go hand-n-hand when it comes to dictating the final purchasing decision of the consumer.

For example, have you ever felt famished after looking at the color combination of yellow and red? Or even subconsciously correlating the colors red, green, blue and yellow to a popular search engine? These are just few examples of how marketers used colors to psychologically engrave a brand into the minds of consumers.

There’s a reason why some companies use specific colors for their logo and brands. According to the journal “Impact of Color on Marketing”, 62 to 90 percent of assessment is based on colors alone. This means that consumers make the decision to pick up that product based on what kind of emotion the color of that product gives them.

For example, red subconsciously gives off the sense of power, energy, and passion. On the other hand, blue gives off the sense of confidence, calmness, and trustworthiness. Of course, each color has it’s own significance which can influence how the consumer perceives a product or brand.

In the article, Color Psychology in Logo Design, author Erik Peterson explored the analysis of what each color signifies and what kind of emotions it can bring to consumers.

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It’s important to choose a good combination of colors that’s unique to your company and your brand.

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As your company reputation grows, the color combination you choose will become more important. It will be your bridge to the consumers subconscious. Studies has shown that a strong brand effectively makes the cortical area of the brain more active. This area is where a human reward system is located.

Color choice will help lead consumers to purchase your product(s) as it solidifies the consumer’s decision even before they consciously make a decision. Encouraging a purchase or other action, should be the most important goal for all marketers who want to engrave their brand into the minds of the consumers.

So, don’t wait, start standing out from your competitors by using color!

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