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According to a report called “Millennial B2B Buyers Come Of Age” by Mary Shea, millennial’s are 73 percent involved in all B2B purchasing decisions. This statistic should be a big wake-up call to all legacy B2B organizations. Unfortunately, older generations like to stick with what they know. And that’s using traditional marketing tactics to get new clients. But will that work in the digital age of the internet? I don’t think so. Millennial’s don’t want to go with “what used to work”. They prefer something fresh and modern that coincides with the digital age that they grew up in. After all, old is not cool.

It’s inevitable that pursuing traditional marketing will only guarantee a decline in revenue over the coming years.

But it’s not just traditional marketing. It can be seen in all legacy services. It’s estimated in the article, Traditional Media in the Digital Age by Douglas Ahlers and John Hessen, that 18 percent of adults under the age of 30 do not use traditional cable TV as their main source of entertainment. It only makes sense that this percentage is only going to get bigger in the coming years. As a millennial myself, I only use YouTube and linked articles on social media to stay up-to-date with current events. You will never see myself or anyone under the age of 35 reading a physical newspaper. Why do that when you can read it all online? Everything we want to know is easily accessible within our phones. 

Millennial’s don’t have time for traditional marketing.

Let’s me be honest here, millennial’s have short attention spans. So do you really think they’ll bother with reading anything you put in front of them? B2B organizations are failing to realize that millennial’s are becoming more selective of what they pay attention to. Why would you want to waste your valuable time on something that doesn’t pertain to you? Especially after getting bombarded with thousands of ads on the internet every day. That’s why you see an increase in video marketing on social media’s like Facebook with video’s spanning 30 seconds or less. Organizations who are aware of this short attention span take advantage of this platform and thrive.

Inevitably, B2B organizations will have to adapt to these strategies if they wish to see exponential growth in the future. But even with all this said, these strategies are just stepping stones in obtaining the attention of current and future millennial B2B decision makers. At the end of the day, marketing in the B2B sphere is a different monster within itself. Not only do you need to grab the attention of younger millennial clients, you also need to build up your relationship with them. That aspect of B2B will never change regardless of how technology changes the industry.

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