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Brand Consistency is not just a buzzword that is thrown around in marketing. It is a real concept, and is extremely important in developing an identity for a brand. To understand why consistent branding is important, you must first look at what good branding is to begin with. Many people overlook the importance of good branding. A logo is more than just your company name with an icon by it, it is the face of your company. It is often the first contact anyone will have with your company.  You want your logo to represent your company through color, symbolism, and the feeling it invokes. Through strong, consistent branding, you can create a familiarity with your brand and establish trust with your clients.

Consistent Branding Starts with Brand Identity Guides – Use them!

Your current graphic designer might not be the person who designed your branding, so if you need an advertisement designed, do they know your brand colors, fonts, and standards to ensure it looks like your brand? Brand guidelines are designed for this reason. They are designed for reference. Any time a new design project comes up, the designer must refer to the brand guideline. It is essentially the master rule book for your company’s branding. Whomever does your branding should provide you with a full set of brand guidelines. These guidelines should include your fonts, your CMYK colors (print), RGB colors (screen), and HEX colors (web). The guidelines should also include examples of how your company’s colors and logos work together in different circumstances – light backgrounds, dark backgrounds, black and white, grayscale, web, embroidery, etc.

Through using brand guidelines, and carrying a consistent tone in all the messages your company puts out, you can establish a strong presence. The more people become familiar with your style, message, and consistent brand, the more they will recognize your brand. With recognition comes familiarity and trust, and with this trust comes new customers. Consistent branding is the backbone of every marketing campaign, and your constant link that speaks directly to your target audience. If you use well thought out, consistent branding in your marketing techniques, you will be sure to see positive returns.