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As I look back over my marketing career, one of the most successful campaigns I ever managed was when we asked farmers if we could give them a hand…a glove actually.

The direct mail program was designed to get Roundup Ready® corn on farms where we didn’t sell any seed – so these farmers were not customers and they were buying their corn seed from the other guy.

I worked for Dekalb Genetics® Corporation in DeKalb, Illinois, at the time and we wanted farmers to give our corn seed a try. We mailed a nice glossy 4-color postcard with a perforated business reply bounce back card asking if they wanted us to visit their farm – oh yeah, and we included a nice leather work glove…but only ONE glove.

If they wanted the other glove, they would have to meet with a DeKalb Genetics seed dealer.

Little did I know that the campaign would have a 58% response rate (regular direct mail, on a good day is 4 to 5 percent). The farmers wanted the glove, so we gave them a “hand” — get it?

The farmers did and so did the Dekalb Genetics dealers who praised marketing for delivering customers like never before!

Now as I look back I remember the power of a strong promotional product used wisely.

Today, I work with the Worrell Corporation and find we focus on the same creative approach when meeting with businesses.  Worrell Corporation is one if the few with expertise in print, promotional products and logo apparel.  Using these three mediums, I truly understand the power of a cohesive branded campaign that moves customers to respond and ultimately bring the businesses we serve more sales.