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The single, most-common question business owners consider before buying promotional products is this –“Is it worth the investment?”

Business marketing departments, sales departments and human resources want to know if prospects and potential new hires are going to actually care about these promotional products and if they are going to see results from the investment.

At Worrell, we understand your concern.

Ordering giveaways for your business takes planning and research. The last thing you want to do is waste your time and money on giveaways your customers, prospects and clients won’t appreciate.

It’s a matter of defining the right ROI!

It all boils down to the calculation of the ROI (return on investment); that formula drilled into every marketer’s mind in business school used to arrive at a percentage figure to measure profitability.

But, trying to measure the investment return on promo products can be a trickier proposition than on something like, say, a digital marketing campaign.

We think a better way to measure the value added by promotional products is to consider the return on impression. It’s the new ROI of marketing, according to Forbes.

It’s all about impressing customers and clients

 Viewing an investment in promo products from strictly a dollar perspective is shortsighted. The real purpose of promotional products is to make an impression on customers and clients.

With promotional products, the ROI should be one that includes a measurement of the impression they leave with customers and the benefit they are bringing to the company’s band image. That’s what’s really important.

We suggest keeping these thoughts in mind when trying to accurately measure the ROI of promotional products:

  • It’s all about the Energizer Bunny effect!

The marketing campaign slogan introduced by Duracell in 1989 “It just keeps going and going…” has perfect applications to the power of promotional products. Giveaways that are built to last have staying power – and, that’s important!

Research shows people keep giveaways close to 8 months. That means they are promoting your brand each time they use it!  The take away is this – pick promotional products that are long-lasting and useful.

  • Brand image is KING

 Customer perception of your brand has an influence on your success. While landing a sale is the ultimate goal of any marketing endeavor, promo products are a great way to enhance lasting memory of your brand image. Long after receiving the giveaway, some 85% of promo product recipients could identify the advertisers on the items they owned.

Promo products can make that critically important positive first impression of your brand that helps customers remember your company later on.

  • Make it personal and thoughtful

The power of promotional products lies in their ability to personally connect with customers. Unlike TV ads, giveaways allow customers to physically hold the advertisement.

Giving a handout to a customer or prospect establishes a bond with the recipient. It’s a personal way to reach out to your customers and make them happy by presenting them something for free. This always leads to a positive reaction and grabs their attention.

At Worrell, our marketing department will work with you to identify the right mix of products to impress your customers and get the lasting ROI your brand deserves. Give us a call today.