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Corporate gifts come straight from upper management and carry special weight unlike other gifts.

Any business knows who they are – those MVC’s (most valuable customers).  They may be the company’s largest client.  Or, they may be the oldest, most loyal ones. Perhaps they are key employees within your own company. Either way, you want to recognize these people in a unique way.

Showing your best customers or key employees how much you appreciate their loyalty warrants giveaways that reflect a bit of personality and good taste – Corporate Gifts.

 These special people appreciate corporate gifts that come from upper management as they carry a special weight unlike other corporate gifts. Adding a personal signature from your company’s CEO to a corporate gift given to an MVC is a thoughtful gesture that will be recognized right away.

Corporate gifts – giving is an ART FORM

 Knowing that this type of gift is going to a MVC requires some forethought. So, forget the gift card.  Consider, instead, giving a corporate gift that will really impress the recipient and advertise your brand at the same time. Make it something that you, yourself, would appreciate getting if you were in their shoes.

It should effectively communicate your BRAND

Just as you want to give a gift of value, remember the importance of your brand name and logo.  It’s the name or symbol that the MVC will always identify with your company’s products or services. Pairing it with a thoughtful corporate gift or conference giveaway has the potential to solidify a lasting relationship with a valued client or individual.

 So, how do you choose creative gifts for those MVC’s that will effectively communicate your brand?

Worrell offers these customizable

product ideas:

 Custom golf balls

 It’s not uncommon for executives to take their business to the golf course. So, any gift involving golfing paraphernalia will be a hole in one. Customizing Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls make ideal corporate gifts and effortless conference giveaways.






Personalized Leather Footballs  Or Football Helmet

If your MVC is a die-hard sports fan, consider our Wilson Autograph Football or a 1/2 Scale Custom Authentic Miniature Football Helmet. Consider taking your MVC or top staff to a local pro game and gifting these during halftime.  Or, hand them out as high-value conference giveaways autographed by your CEO’s signature.

Commuter Briefcase

What MVC client doesn’t have to tote a laptop as they travel? Worrell’s commuter briefcase is perfect for that customer or employee on the go!  Have your logo imprinted to make tech savvy professionals –  and your brand –  look great as they attend meetings and travel.

When coming up with creative gift ideas for your MVC’s or most valued staff, forget the standard cash of gift cards and come up with something a little more personal. Recipients will appreciate the thought and notice the difference.

If you need help with ideas, give Worrell a call.  We have lots of gifts perfect for your MVC’s or company employees.