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Renting or Leasing your company uniforms sounds great –  but there ARE disadvantages.

For many business owners, the benefits of providing uniforms for their employees makes sense. They see providing company apparel as a way to create a consistent look.  They also want to ensure that every visitor and customer gets the same experience.

Too often, companies jump into a contract to rent or lease uniforms from uniform rental companies and end up regretting it. While the major difference between renting and leasing has to do with how the laundering is handled.  Either choice can pose problems for the owner over time.  From our experience, it’s the laundering itself that often causes the most problems.

 It’s a matter of comfort.

We have many businesses that want to purchase uniform apparel after ending such contracts.  They are tired of the expensive contract fees for renting or leasing.  They want to take control over their brand and their employee’s well being.

Why is that,” you ask?

The answer lies in a common reason given by many that relates to the harsh chemicals used by the industrial washers of these uniform rental companies to clean the clothing. Over time, employees notice the garments they have to wear are rough on the skin, sometimes causing rashes and allergies to flare up. In addition, the “freshly washed” clothing may come with an unattractive smell. So, they start complaining about having to wear the uniforms.  The uniforms can also begin to look dingy after only a few washes.

The experience leaves the business owner feeling they made the wrong decision at great expense! Despite the advantages touted by the rental uniform company.  In the end, it was the company employees’ well-being and happiness that suffered.

Buying your uniform apparel from Worrell can be a match made in heaven!

 True…there IS the upfront initial cost to buy your initial inventory of uniforms.

The end results, however, may prove to be much more satisfying to both you AND your employees.  The employees will be able to wash their own clothing in the gentle soaps their skin is accustomed.  They can also wear a uniform that is soft without any industrial smell.  With the right polo, employees even wear the garment around town improving brand recognition.  The “employee” owned clothing allows them to promote the brand and even help Human Resources who are looking for additional employees.  Your employees become your billboards and improve your brand identity.

And, here’s another important consideration. Any business owner has Worrell’s assurance that all company logos and colors will exactly match the specifications of your company.  This ensures that all-important consistent look across your company brand.

If your company is considering uniforms for your employees for the first time, or ready to ditch an expensive rental uniform agreement that that you (or your employees) aren’t happy with, give us a call.  We’ll work to make you and your employees happy with new apparel from Worrell.