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It’s one of the major challenges revealed in a recent survey

According to a survey by a large retailer, 86% of small business owners were optimistic for the future.  They also thought their business would thrive in the coming year.

However, the survey also revealed three major “clouds in my coffee” among the respondents. I was not surprised by the first two:

  1. Running a smooth operation was a concern.  Only 53% thought their workplace was organized. Three our of four owners with struggling businesses believed this affected their productivity.
  2. Tax preparation presented a sticky issue for more than half of owners who viewed the process as complicated.

But, it was the third challenge that I found somewhat alarming…

  1. Designing effective marketing materials for their business was identified as a stumbling block.  More than one third of business owners are having trouble.

Fifty percent of owners feel stymied at coming up with creative ideas on how to reach new prospects. Through trial and error, they stretch limited budgets as they try various advertising tactics like online, social media or print advertising. Still, they are unsure if they are spending marketing dollars wisely.

Fortunately, I can recommend a partner to help solve this significant challenge – the Worrell marketing team.

The Worrell marketing team –  your partner in marketing solutions

 At Worrell, we know what works when it comes to developing an effective marketing campaign. Using time-tested mediums at our disposal, we can put together a program that effectively markets your services and products to potential customers in the most efficient way. Whether it be signs, banners, shirts, direct mail or promotional items, we have you covered.

Direct mail – despite the hype from social media to promote on their platforms, there’s still very effective ways to use direct mail to target customers. Options vary from simple post cards to personalized response pieces that request users to reply back and request more information.

Signs and banners – what better way to grab immediate attention that with signs, banners and tents?

Promotional products – Promo products keep your company’s name, logo, and message in front of your target audience – customers and prospects.

Give us a call and let Worrell guide you through the process of developing an effective marketing campaign for your new customers.