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If promotional products are part of your marketing budget (and we hope they are), we don’t have to “sell” you on their effectiveness in attracting and promoting your company and brand.  That’s because it’s a “feel-good” way to connect with the recipient, tapping into an appealing reality about human nature; that we ALL enjoy receiving a gift.

Studies show recipients keep these “gifts” a long time, sometimes for years!

While we can understand it’s human nature to appreciate receiving a “gift”, understanding WHY people hang onto these products so long takes some deeper insight into the human psyche.

The Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) conducted a survey in 2017 among 1,000 individuals, seeking to understand why they keep promotional products. Knowing the reasons will help any business in their decisions as to which promotional product mix to include in their marketing program. Five of those reasons are listed below:

 1) Noble alignment

Increasingly, people are in tune with social causes and see the benefit of aligning themselves with these endeavors. Seventeen percent of those surveyed said they keep promotional products because it represents a cause they support.

Promotional items with symbolism that identify the recipient as being a supporter advocate of a noble cause has intrinsic value. Hanging onto a promotional product that highlights a community effort to improve our society shows the recipient as a passionate supporter of this greater cause.

The take away for companies is clear. Depending on the nature of your business, consideration should be given finding a way to align with a noble cause when adding content and symbols to a promotional product giveaway.

 2) Brand loyalty

A lot of people will hang onto a promotional product because they support the brand. Think about the loyal, almost rabid, following such well-known brands like Nike, Harley Davidson, Apple, or YETI have!

Even if your business brand is not as well known, you might consider investing in name brand promotional products like Nike or YETI. You could customize with your logo, as an opportunity to increase brand awareness. Your customers’ loyalty to the manufacturer can be shared with your company, giving your brand an added boost.

3) Tapping into a memorable event

We all can think of memorable events or places that we cherish. It could be that street festival you attended. Or, that fabulous convention in that exotic resort location. Promotional giveaways like Koozies, mugs or shirts that remind them of this awesome experience or amazing time become keepsake items.

If your business is showcasing at such a gathering, take advantage of it through promotional products that highlight memories of the event aligned to your brand name.  The recipient will likely associate your company brand with the good time they experienced and hang onto it forever!

4) Trendy design

Promotional products that follow the latest industry and retail trends are always going to be attractive. The survey found that 43% of people will hang onto a promotional product because it fits their style or personality.

Businesses should desire to identify niche markets aligned to their customers’ tastes and look for promotional products that have the latest colors, textures, patterns and construction.

5) Functionality

Let’s face it…we all hang onto giveaways like canvas tote bags. That’s because we find them so functional. We can use them to carry groceries, store gloves and hats, use them to carry stuff when we go to the beach, etc. The survey shows functionality as the reason 85% of us hang onto promotional items.

Any business choosing promotional products should include items that people routinely find functional in their daily lives. Such a product will always be a successful option for achieving a long-lasting brand connection with the recipient (and whoever else sees it) as the useful product is repeatedly used.

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