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A great way to welcome new employees and support the onboarding process for your HR department!

If you work in human resources, BUSY is your middle name!

The simple fact is that HR personnel are constantly juggling multiple duties at a time. Their job includes handling such things as employee benefit programs, discipline and performance review processes, hiring and dismissal of employees, retirement packages, AND at the same time protect and build the corporate culture.  So, when there is a way to help HR departments make their job easier, it’s welcomed with open arms!

Such is the case regarding Worrell’s ONBOARDING KIT.

It is an inexpensive way to welcome the new employee to the company and support the company’s corporate culture.

 Worrell’s ONBOARDING KIT comes branded with the company logo on the box. Inside the box, contents could include:

  • A welcoming letter (signed by the CEO) congratulating the employee on joining the team
  • A laminated mission statement or company values
  • a lanyard for the employee’s keycard
  • a glass jar-full of candy
  • a water bottle or tumbler
  • branded apparel

The ONBOARDING KIT box can be placed on the new employee’s desk to be enjoyed on their first day of work. Or shipped to the employees’ home in case they work remotely.

The ONBOARDING KIT can be customized to fit the needs/requirements of the HR dept.

 The design of the box and its contents are created after meeting with the company HR representatives.  Once the design and contents are determined, Worrell can stock a supply of the ONBOARDING KITS at their warehouse for just-in-time delivery to the business.

 The HR department doesn’t have to keep fifty boxes in their office,” stated Mark Powers of Worrell.  “Whenever the HR department needs ONBOARDING KITS, we simply ship or drop off additional boxes.”

These ONBOARDING KITS serve an important role in building and supporting the corporate culture.  Studies have shown that newly-hired young employees need to feel connected and part of the team right away.  Without this immediate connection, they often feel lost, feel isolated and could soon move on to another company.

ONBOARDING KITS have been very well received by HR managers.  They recognize the value these kits bring in complementing their onboarding process.

If this sounds like something YOUR HR department could use, call us at 1.800.297.9599. Our representative will meet with you to discuss how we can create a customized kit for your use in onboarding.