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Promotional products can sometimes pile up in storage.  That’s because ordering those products can involve an educated guess when the order is placed. There’s usually some uncertainty about how many promo products will be needed for that big upcoming event. Situations beyond your control can occur, resulting in leftovers in storage. Maybe fewer people attended the event than planned. Many times manufacturers require a minimum order requirement for the product.

Regardless, there are those boxes of leftover promo products, taking up valuable storage space, with you left wondering how to put the products to use–think positive.  Instead of thinking these excess products are clutter, see them as marketing opportunities.

Always look at extra promo products as a marketing opportunity, not a nuisance.

The promo products represent a business investment, so put them to use in building employee morale or promoting brand recognition. Let’s consider ways to accomplish each of those things.

How can promo products build employee morale? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Give them at company events – Company picnics or holiday parties are a perfect time to give promo products, thanking employees for their loyalty. Products may be added to gift baskets.
  • Performance recognition – These products represent a great way to show appreciation to outstanding employees. High quality promo products are will be particularly appreciated.
  • Team building – What organization doesn’t want to promote comaraderie and team building? It might surprise you how much a simple thing such as a promo T-shirt helps build spirit.
  • Anniversaries – Recognizing milestones such as tenure at your company can be done using great leftover promo products.
How can excess promo products be used to promote your company brand?

We have some ideas for that as well:

  • Community events – Local 5K runs, community cleanup days, fairs and festivals all represent opportunities to give away products, if your company is a sponsor of the event or just hosting a booth. Products such as pens and pencils, mouse pads, computer jump sticks, etc. make wonderful gifts for local schools for use in classrooms. Teachers are always appreciative of any supplies donated for their students. Meanwhile, these giveaways brand your company on the local scene.
  • Sales calls and client meetings – Give these “leftovers” when calling on or meeting customers. It’s the surest way to get them to remember you and your brand. A promo product leaves a positive impression, which is always a good thing in business! Promo products simply make people feel GOOD!
  • Customer or prospecting gifts –. You can give customers these extra items as a “Thank-you-for-your-business” or a “We’re-sorry-about-that” gift. These can go a long way toward creating an attractive perception of your brand and fostering a positive emotional experience that clients will remember for a long time.
  • Give walk-in visitors or tours a gift – Thank customers and visitors to your company by giving them a “gift.” These leftovers can make visitors feel special while spreading the word about your brand. The promo product can be something as simple as a branded pen or stress-relief ball.

At Worrell, we have lots of ideas about using promo products to keep your company’s name, logo, and message in front of your target audience, your customers and your prospects. Reuse your extra giveaway products to create positive experiences and connections customers can associate with your brand.